The Club

“It is the ideal formula to make you enjoy and give you the maximum advantages that we have available through a single annual fee:

  • With this money you can enjoy (as long as you have credit) of the vending machine of large wines at the Bouquet Experience.
  • Once a month, you can try the wines or distillates selected for the Bouquet for that month for free. We will always look for the products to be very interesting and diverse.
  • The wines you like most from the previous point can be purchased at a much more advantageous price than the market. Therefore there is no obligation to acquire them.
  • With the membership card of the Club, the member will enjoy a 20% discount with all the products that are sold in the boutique.
  • At the same time, you will have advantages, like receiving announcements of other acts open to the public or very advantageous private sales.
  • You will also have preference in the reservations of the experiences that we make in the Bouquet Experience, because you will receive the statement before the general public.

We believe it is a very good formula, take advantage!"