"A new concept of gastronomic space"
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Universe Bouquet

Discover a multifunctional space where you can enjoy the world of wine pairing at the Wine & Cocktail Bar, as in the Restaurant.
Surprise yourself with our exclusive Gastronomic Experiences.

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The objective of this space is to recover and
claim the so healthy habit "to go for vermouth or
to eat something as God mana".



We want to convert a dinner or event, in a unique
and absolutely exclusive experience.

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Bouquet Experience is a Restaurant where Wine
and Cuisine form an inseparable whole.

la carta

Bouquet Experience

In the hands of an expert in the subject, we will learn in a fun way, in a gastronomic oenological sensory journey, where we intend to match perfectly, culture, gastronomy and an emotional technology adapted, that will help us to move almost really, at Place of the treated world.

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